Welcome to Vastu-Sthiti

Mono-Acting, Solo Performances, One character show, Monologues and many more derivatives of Individual presentation on stage are happening across the theatre world. There are events and competitions right from school level to open category that provides platform for such form of theatre. We at Astitva & Mumbaitheatreguide.com would like to take this next level of execution through our new endeavor, called Vastu-Sthiti.

“Vastu-Sthiti” is the event name coined by Astitva & Mumbaitheatreguide.com to create a newer approach for performances with objects & situation. As the words read; Vastu means “Object” and Sthiti means “Situation” and thus the event focuses on creating a theatre platform to exhibit the finest combination of Objects & Situation through performances.

The best reference to understand the concept that can be drawn from the famous Hollywood flick; “Castaway” and the brilliance of performance shown by Tom Hanks with his Football named “Wilson” or he making fire for the first time.

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Cast Away - Fight With Wilson SceneCast Away – Fight With Wilson Scene
Cast Away - I Have Made Fire!Cast Away – I Have Made Fire!
Amitabh Bachchan Talking to Mirror - Amar Akbar AnthonyAmitabh Bachchan in Amar Akbar Anthony
Kenneth Branagh - HamletKenneth Branagh – Hamlet